Department of Mathematics

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                Department of Mathematics in School of Science is one of the earliest departments in China Pharmaceutical University. Now there is one professor, nine associate professors and ten lecturers. Over the years, a series of research work has been carried out around the frontiers of teaching and research, especially in medical education. Our department once won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award and several Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards. In recent years, the department has been teaching-centered and actively engaging in scientific research. Around the frontiers of medical research, exploring studies have been conducted and a research platform based on biomedical big data analysis, biometrics and bioinformatics has been formed.

                Faculty Members:

                YAN Fangrong (Director)

                SHEN Jun (Deputy Director)

                LIU Yingbo (Secretary)

                JIANG Qiuhao

                LI Xueling

                RU Yuanfang

                GAO Zuxin

                SHENG Hailin

                HAN Keqin

                DING Jun

                GU Qiang

                SUN Ailing

                WANG Xiaoping

                XU Chang

                WANG Fei

                JIANG Bo

                ZHENG Guimei

                ZHOU Sen

                ZHAO Hui

                YAN Hangyu